Restoration Categories (Scroll to Bottom or Click on Subcategory “Examples” for Restoration Examples of Each Category):

Choose from the category below which best conveys your photos category. Each succeeding category includes all previous categories where required.

(1) Faded black & white or color image. Requires minimal spotting for dust and cracks/tears. Build-up up of density/contrast as needed. Color corrected as long as color shift is uniform.

(2) More intensive spotting and scratch removal (not across face or body) such as telephone/electric wires and tree branches. Also includes image sharpening and toning were required.

(3) Moderate spotting of stains, scratches and dust spots. Color correction of photo with non-uniform color shifts.

(4) Heavy scratches, rips, tears including over faces and bodies.

(5) Anything not covered above requiring intensive artwork and restoration including reconstruction of face, body parts and extensive areas of the background or objects that are not distinguishable. Since some photographs may be damaged beyond what we feel is a reasonable repair, we will be happy to access the photograph in question. Please follow instructions in the “Ordering” section.

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